John is a multi-talented composer, arranger, musician and he knows his way around today's complex digital studio environment. He's thoroughly professional and a lot of fun to work with.  I highly recommend him!  - Sam Kriger, Music Director, Conductor, Composer-Arranger

"John has really been a big help to us, particularly on projects requiring the touch of the zany. Always a pleasure to work with such a pro who has great ideas, expertly executed, on time and with a smile!   - Pat Weaver, former Executive Producer, Musikvergnuegen

"As music and sound editor for Survivor, Law and Order and many other series, I've worked with some of the best composers in the business. John Zuker comes in at the top of the list, not only for his exceptional composing and scoring talents, or his keen sense of production, but also because he is a person of integrity."  - Charlie King, Emmy Award-winning Music Editor

"I knew John was the right guy for the job when at the start of our first meeting, he suggested a music style for the show that perfectly matched our unspoken expectations.  He did such a great job of bringing out the emotion and drama in each of the scenes.  He met the deadlines and was always gracious with our notes and suggestions. Job well done!"    - Bruno John, Lightning Bug Flix

"Long before I locked the script to my film, "Blood Makes Noise", I approached John to compose the music. We first worked together on "Mind Games" for which he won the award at the Park City Film Music Festival, and for "Blood", I had a very set ideas and high expectation. John had a daunting task ahead of him and rose to the challenge...he surpassed my expectations, giving the score a refreshing sense of cool."  - Adrian Carr, Director of "Mind Games" and "Blood Makes Noise"